Thursday, June 2, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.21 "Return Engagement"

This is the 45th episode of "The Colbys" (21st episode of the 2nd season). Now that Phillip has come back from the dead, how is the family going to react to his return? And will there still be a chance for Sable and Jason to get back together?

Bear in mind, when this episode aired in early March 1987 (it was filmed in January) the production had already wrapped for the season though ABC had yet to make a decision whether or not they would order a third season. 

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday, March 5, 1987 at 9:00-10:00pm on the ABC TV Network

TV GUIDE SUMMARY: Francesca finds herself once again attracted to Phillip Colby; Miles learns about Channing's secret regarding the Colbys heirs.

EPISODE RANKING: 53rd out of 64 shows

"THE COLBYS" IN  THE NEWS (February 1987):  Blanco Jagger will appear in two March episodes of ABC's ailing "Colbys" as "an exotic beauty" mysteriously linked to new cast member Michael Parks. 



  1. that was an great episode , one of the best.

  2. Oh the look on Sable's face when Zach leaves the airplane... priceless !

  3. Now we're getting to the good stuff! Sable is a trip.


  4. perfect ending, throughout the whole episode i was wanting that to happen : ) thanks so much LB not sure what id do without u xx

  5. "Hey, my uncle just came back from the dead, remember?" So wooden, I love it!

  6. Bless you LB, I need MORE! lol

  7. what's happening ?? I need my Colbys fix !