Saturday, April 30, 2011

DYNASTY (ABC): Episode Guide: Season 3 (1982-1983)

During its third season "Dynasty" finally turned into a massive hit and entered the top-5. Though it would take 2 more years for the show to reach the overall top ranking, many of the episodes (including the April 1983 season finale) were among its highest-rated ever.

VIDEO: DYNASTY's Joan Collins Meets LOVE BOAT's Gavin MacLeod

In this cutesy little video flashback from September 1985, Aaron Spelling stars are forced to promote their respective series' season premieres. Watch as "Captain Stubing" tries to get Joan Collins to reveal who died in Moldavia.

Friday, April 29, 2011

DYNASTY (ABC) Episode Guide: Season 2 (1981-1982)

I believe most "DYNASTY" episode guides available on the web (at least on the prominent sites like,,, etc.) come from the same source (the defunct as they all contain the same airdate errors - in fact, the official DYNASTY DVDs appear to have used the same information. Here is therefore not only a more comprehensive, but also a more accurate DYNASTY episode guide.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.16 "Manhunt"

You didn't think "Hoyt Parker" was the only guy going after Jason Colby? By the end of this episode of "The Colbys", shots will be fired again and this time - someone will head for the hospital and someone else will actually die.

DYNASTY (ABC) Episode Guide: SEASON 1 (1981)

This episode guide (which I will post in a series of nine articles) will give you a more comprehensive look at the original scheduling of DYNASTY on the ABC TV network, including all reruns, pre-emptions, day and time changes, TV Guide episode synopses, etc.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VIDEO: Catherine Oxenberg's 2011 Interview

Several days ago, E! Online talked to Catherine Oxenberg, DYNASTY's "Princess of Moldavia" and the real-life daughter of Elizabeth, the Princess of Yugoslavia, about the upcoming royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton.

DYNASTY Poll Results: 60s-Set Prequel Movie or New Series?

Would you prefer to see a prequel "DYNASTY" movie set in the 1960s focusing on the romance between Blake and Alexis or a new series set in present time focusing on now-adult Carrington kids and our aging favorites? Here are the final poll results that I owe you from a couple of months ago along with my thoughts on the announced "DYNASTY" movie.

Diahann Carroll Dresses Up DYNASTY (1984)

Today's vintage "Dynasty" article comes from 1984 when Diahann Carroll (49 at the time) joined the "riches-and-bitches soap" and People Magazine called her "the only black actress with a continuing role on a prime-time serial."

DYNASTY Pix: Alexis' Black & White Ball (1986)

Now a couple of stills from the season 7 episode "The Ball" in which Alexis, having been inspired by Viennese parties she saw on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," throws a glitzy black and white bash at the Carrington mansion, that she famously took over from Blake (and almost dearly paid for) in the season 6 ender.

VIDEO: Al Corley: "Cold Dresses"

Hello again! I hope you all had a fine Easter! Starting off this week's series of post is a little video flashback to 1984 when former "Dynasty" star Al Corley (Steven #1 who was fired from "Dynasty" in 1982) released his album "Square Rooms."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Joan Collins: DYNASTY's DYNAMO (People, 1982)

Shortly before Christmas 1982, Joan Collins had already spent an entire season on ABC's "Dynasty" helping the alleged "Dallas" clone find its own distinctive tone. This People magazine article was published at that time.

VIDEO: Maxwell Caulfield & Juliet Mills 2010 TV Interview

Last fall, "The Colbys" star Maxwell Caulfield and his wife Juliet Mills toured Britain with their play "Bedroom Farce." On September 1, 2010 they both appeared on ITV's "Michael Ball Show" to talk about their 30-year romance and working together.

DYNASTY Pix: The Cast of "The Reunion" Mini-Series (1991)

Happy Easter, everyone! Posting will be light over the next few days, but I will try to add a few items. First, here's a large picture of the cast of the 1991 Reunion mini-series.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.15 "The Home-Wrecker"

As promised, as of tonight, "The Colbys" is back in its old timeslot here on the Dynasty blog and you can watch the remaining episodes of season 2 every Thursday till June 30.

DYNASTY Pix: JJ & The Divas

Picture of the day is a behind-the-scenes shot of John James, whom his friends and colleagues affectionately called J.J. and the two grand dames of "Dynasty" - Linda Evans and Joan Collins.

VIDEO: Linda Evans on Regis & Kathie Lee (1989)

Now here's a rare find - post-"Dynasty" Linda Evans chatting (in early 1989) to Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford on their ABC daytime talker about leaving the show that made her an international TV superstar.

DYNASTY Poll Results: What's Alexis Up To in 2011?

Again, the results of a previously closed poll that I never got around to publishing - back in December I asked you what Alexis Morrel Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan And God Knows What Other Last Name was up to these days and gave you 7 options.

"Colbys" Star Katharine Ross' Real-Life Daughter Drama

Actress Katharine Ross (Francesca on "The Colbys") recently asked courts to issue a restraining order against her daughter Cleo, who - as the court papers indicate - tried to kill her by stabbing her in arm with scissors.

Joan Collins' Mini-Series Coming to DVD

In addition to finally seeing season 5 of "Dynasty" on region 1 DVD this summer, the fans of Joan Collins in North America will also be able to purchase the official DVDs of the mini-series she developed and starred in for CBS in 1986.

VIDEO: Samantha (16)

As the saga of Samantha Josephine continues, Blake and Krystle begin the adoption process much to Alexis' dismay. Meanwhile, a mysterious young man wakes up in a Singapore hospital wrapped in bandages.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jack Coleman on Steven (1983) "Impossible to do Gay Stories"

Here are a couple UPI articles released in 1983 featuring interviews with Jack Coleman who inherited the role of "Dynasty's" gay heir Steven Carrington, following Al Corley's dismissal.

VIDEO: My Favorite Scenes: "The Colbys Will Entertain"

Since the very first battle between Krystle and Alexis, it was clear the producers had struck gold with the chemistry between the two ladies. It is not a surprise then such confrontations became a staple on the show.

DYNASTY Pix: Catfights & Caviar

Picture of the day is this promo still of the "Dynasty" cast enjoying a moment of laughter at the taping of the CBS special "Catfights & Caviar" taken about 5 years ago at the Filoli mansion in Woodside, California.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.14 "The Legacy"

They're baaack! And - with a bang! Tonight, in the first of the remaining 12 episodes, the Colbys cope with their sudden loss as an old menace returns.

Monday, April 18, 2011

PIX: Joan Collins' Most Recent Red Carpet PAs

A little treat for all of you Joan Collins fans out there keeping track of the Queen of Dynasty (take that, Esther!) - a collection of her most recent public appearances, including one from only 10 days ago.

Poll Results: Who's DYNASTY's Sexiest Fella?

Before my most recent disappearing act, I asked you (in one of those polls in the upper left corner) who the hottest DYNASTY stud was.

DYNASTY Pix: Studio Catfight

Today's DYNASTY pic of the day is a still released in the spring of 1982 to promote the season 2 episode "The Baby" in which Linda Evans and Joan Collins made TV history when they beat each other up in front of millions of shocked (and fascinated) viewers.

VIDEO: Samantha (15)

Back in October, I started yet another one of my re-edited "Dynasty" video series (that I used to post on my original YouTube channel) now exclusively for this blog and focusing on Heather Locklear's character Sammy Jo (or Samantha, as she wanted to be known in season 3).

DYNASTY Articles: The Forsythe Dynasty (1985)

Last year, I posted an article taken from Orange County, a lifestyle magazine for the region known as The O.C, focusing on Dynasty's John James. Now, here's another article from the same magazine with John Forsythe on the cover.

FILOLI Wallpapers: The Clock Tower

In this new series of picture posts, I will share several high-res images taken at the Filoli property in Woodside, California (now a part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation).


CBS Home Video has finally set the date for the long-awaited release of season 5 of "Dynasty" on region 1 DVD (in North America), about one year after the same season was released in Europe.

Friday, April 15, 2011

VIDEO: Emma Samms 2011 TV Appearance

"The Colbys" and "Dynasty" star Emma Samms, whom we don't get to see too often on TV these days, made an appearance on a talk show in the UK three weeks ago to reminisce about the good old days of sequins and hairspray.


Hello again, fellow Dynasty fans! I'm finally back and ready to bring "The Colbys" to a close with the final 12 episodes which will begin on this blog next week.