Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VIDEO: Catherine Oxenberg's 2011 Interview

Several days ago, E! Online talked to Catherine Oxenberg, DYNASTY's "Princess of Moldavia" and the real-life daughter of Elizabeth, the Princess of Yugoslavia, about the upcoming royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Catherine shares stories of courtship with Prince Andrew (when she was only 18) and why she rejected his marriage proposal. 

Also, what will Kate Middleton's life as Prince William's wife be like on a day to day basis?

In addition to her "royal" stint on DYNASTY, Catherine Oxenberg also played Princess Diana in a made-for TV movie.

Catherine's mother, who is Prince Charles' 2nd cousin, is one of the attendees invited to the royal wedding this Friday.

Hopefully, the wedding will have a happier ending then Catherine's fictional royal wedding on "Dynasty."

Catherine (now 49), who is married to actor Casper Van Dien, is currently working on a film about her grandfather Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and his meeting with Hitler to negotiate a non-aggression treaty to save Yugoslavia.

The film should be produced in Belgrade, Serbia where Catherine's mother Princess Elizabeth was born and currently lives. 

The movie is written by Catherine and her husband Casper Van Dien; he will also direct the movie and their daughter Maya Van Dien will play a young Princess Elizabeth, her own grandmother.


  1. "Hopefully, the wedding will have a happier ending then Catherine's fictional royal wedding on "Dynasty."

  2. I think Princess Catherine Oxenburg is a great actress. I love her work and her husband's as well. I was sad when their reality show "I Married A Princess got cancelled. They are both so talented.

  3. She is still so beautiful. If Dynasty was brought back as a "Next Generation" thing, Catherine NEEDS to come back as Amanda, and Pamela Sue Martin needs to be Fallon, so we can finally see how the original Carrington sisters go at it.