Monday, April 18, 2011

Poll Results: Who's DYNASTY's Sexiest Fella?

Before my most recent disappearing act, I asked you (in one of those polls in the upper left corner) who the hottest DYNASTY stud was.

You seem to be my kind of gang, as 26% of the votes went to the incredibly gorgeous actor Paul Keenan, who sadly - as I had already written about - passed away in 1986. 

Paul played stable groom, gardener and resident hunk Tony Driscoll who most certainly would have been eaten by that nympho "Season 1 Fallon" had he only arrived on the scene a little earlier (he makes his first appearance in "The Baby" episode in season 2, by which time she was replaced by "What Football Team? Fallon").

Here are the rest of the results from our Sexiest Man Poll along with a little gratuitous video of Dynasty's Shirtless Men that I made.

(This is the 2nd version which I posted on DailyMotion - I put the original one (from YouTube) hastily together and committed the ultimate sin of omitting some of your favorite hunks):

Tony 26%
Jeff 24%
Miles 20%
Adam 17%
Dex 14%
Steven 8%
Steven II 7%
Tanner 5%
Prince Michael 3%
Zorelli 2%
Sean 1%
Mark 1%

Shirtless DYNASTY Men by LBColby


  1. I do agree with Paul Keenan choice. But Jeff getting 24 % ?? More than Miles or Steven 1st?? He's as sexy as an oyster!! Zorelli was definitely one of the sexiest male characters on the show: hairy and italian and macho and cop and so on...
    PS: I must shamefully acknowledge that Mark made me horny when I was 15... Well... I was 15...

  2. Great list!

    my favorite men on DYNASTY always have been Miles, Jeff and Steven (I + II).
    Paul Keenan also was very hot.

    I never really understand why young Billy Campbell ("Luke Fuller"; later in "Rocketeeer" and on "Tales Of The City") never received a spot in the DYNASTY opening titles (like some other guest- actors).

    And why is Kevin Conroy ("Bart Fallmont", later the voice of Batman in the animated tv-show) missing in this list?

    btw: I had a crush on Maxwell Caulfield (Miles) after seeing him (with Michelle Pfeiffer) in GREASE 2 (he's an excellent singer!), that was in 1983.

  3. Of course, the results will be somewhat skewed given the relatively low traffic of the blog. We can do these lists annually and see what happens. :)

    Personally, I don't know about Kevin Conroy, but William Campbell should most certainly have been included.

    And how could I have forgotten Ted McGinley (Clay Fallmont)? What was I doing when I came up with this list? :)

  4. ted mcginley, the sexiest of the lot

  5. jeff was the sexiest of them all he the looks and the body especially when he came out of the