Monday, April 18, 2011

DYNASTY Pix: Studio Catfight

Today's DYNASTY pic of the day is a still released in the spring of 1982 to promote the season 2 episode "The Baby" in which Linda Evans and Joan Collins made TV history when they beat each other up in front of millions of shocked (and fascinated) viewers.

Little did they know when they filmed the scene (or did they?) that these female vs. female boxing matches would become the show's trademark entertainment.

They had become almost mandatory later on, but the battle never seemed as genuine as it did here, most certainly because of a season-long build up just waiting to escalate into physical conflict and truly valid reasons for the violence.

Latter contretemps (as Alexis elegantly called such heated dispute) in the lily pond and at the bottom of a muddy hill looked great, but lacked substance.


  1. A catfight is a fight between two females (Alexis VS Krystle or Dominique)
    A dogfight is fight between two males (Jeff VS Adam or Miles)
    But HOW do you call that...? :

    1. This is called "a cougar going psycho" … lol

  2. This is called "a cougar going psycho" … lol