Wednesday, April 20, 2011

VIDEO: My Favorite Scenes: "The Colbys Will Entertain"

Since the very first battle between Krystle and Alexis, it was clear the producers had struck gold with the chemistry between the two ladies. It is not a surprise then such confrontations became a staple on the show.

The scene you can see below is taken from an early season 3 episode titled "The Wedding" (yes, one of the many episodes with the same title) and it is one of my favorite scenes between the two "Dynasty" divas.

Is it Alexis' non-nonchalant tone as she is filled with excitement over the life she thinks she is about to have?  Or Krystle's annoyance quietly mixed with happiness Alexis is leaving? Or just the kitchen setting that I sorely missed in the latter years? 

Whatever it is, I love this scene. 

Note to the writers of a "Dynasty: The Next Generation" series, if anything like that ever comes to fruition - L.B. owns the deed to Alexis' studio and may now be enjoying his own shenanigans there.

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