Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DYNASTY Pix: Alexis' Black & White Ball (1986)

Now a couple of stills from the season 7 episode "The Ball" in which Alexis, having been inspired by Viennese parties she saw on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," throws a glitzy black and white bash at the Carrington mansion, that she famously took over from Blake (and almost dearly paid for) in the season 6 ender.

"Lifestyles" was a syndicated show hosted by hosted by Robin Leach on which Joan Collins herself made several appearances during her "Dynasty" days to talk about her own jet-setting lifestyle of a TV vixen.

Unlike her guests, Alexis - the new empress of Denver - of course appears in a red gown. Little did she know Blake would be wiping that victorious smile off her face by the end of the evening.

Originally, Alexis was supposed to marry Ben who was supposed to remain evil for the entire 7th season (peaking with his attempt to murder Alexis). But when a decision to change course was made again mid-season (by shifting focus from glamour and revenge to love and family), they put "The Ball" episode hastily together.

The producers touted the episode (a part of what suddenly seemed like annual mid-season efforts to save 'Dynasty') along with Linda's new hairstyle.

It was written in the press, at the time: 

"Will it be hair today, gone tomorrow for "Dynasty," the fading prime-time soap? They have redone Linda Evans' signature hairstyle. 

The producers are hoping to recapture viewers with the coiffure Cherie Huffman created for Evans/Krystle Carrington. It will be revealed in the Dec. 17 episode. 

Last week, "Dynasty" tumbled to 35th on Nielsen's hit parade, its lowest rating in five years.


  1. Nolan Miller said he got the idea of dressing Alexis in red because someone did that in a white and black ball in Hollywood. I haven't understood the name very well (my english being so-so) but he said that on an interview available on youtube.

  2. I'll check it out. I've seen bits and pieces of that interview, but I haven't watched the whole thing, yet. I do remember Miller scoffing at the mention of Pamela Bellwood, though. It seems he didn't like her very much.

  3. Well, who liked Pamela???