Thursday, April 21, 2011

DYNASTY Pix: JJ & The Divas

Picture of the day is a behind-the-scenes shot of John James, whom his friends and colleagues affectionately called J.J. and the two grand dames of "Dynasty" - Linda Evans and Joan Collins.

Was it a break in the filming? Or were the three "Dynasty" stars photographed before a joint appearance at an event? 

In any case, judging by the hairstyles, the picture dates back to 1982 when the show entered its 3rd season and became a top-5 hit in the ratings.

Speaking of breaks in filming, according to co-stars' accounts, J.J. was mostly too busy to simply hang around. 

Aware their golden goose was bound to eventually die off, he would often spend his free time during those long production days on the phone with his stock broker, maximizing his income and ensuring life-long financial security.

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