Monday, April 18, 2011


CBS Home Video has finally set the date for the long-awaited release of season 5 of "Dynasty" on region 1 DVD (in North America), about one year after the same season was released in Europe.

The disappointing part of today's news is that the season will still be split into two volumes, which has been the practice with "Dynasty" DVDs in North America since the release of season 3 in 2008.

Unlike seasons 3 and 4 though, when - in order to buy the second volume - fans had to endure 4 and 10 months long wait, respectively, both volumes of season 5 will now be released on the same day - that's July 5, 2011.

That means that the studio is sticking to their unpopular policy of splitting seasons in North America, but given the passage of time since the last release (volume 2 of season 4 was released in February 2010) they decided to offer both volumes of the long-awaited season 5 at the same time.

Meanwhile, "Dynasty" fans in Europe have already got a chance to buy season 6 late last year/early this year (and as a single volume) and are hoping for a season 7 release later in 2011. All releases in Europe have been single volumes - complete seasons.

CBS has yet to announced the pricing details on the two volumes of season 5 in America.

Personally, I was beginning to think that they have already given up on releasing "Dynasty" in the US (there have been rumors of low sales), so this is a positive sign.

Finally, given some complaints about the quality of season 6 DVDs in Europe (the studio transferred the episodes from tape, not film) it will be interesting to see if season 7 (if/when it is released in Europe) will also pale in comparison to the previous releases.

Or when season 6 is one day released in the US (hopefully not again after 17 months), will it be of the same quality as the recent European release?


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO STOKED!!!!!
    I Think I should buy a dvd player for universal dvd's so I can be buying Europe dvd's Dynasty, Falcon's Crest, Melrose place, all come out sooner and as single volume sets!
    This split dvd's is absolutely apppaulling...I'd be willing to pay double the price for a single boxset!
    I'll get them for now but am seriously loiking into Europe dvd player, as North America CBS is pretty dispicable in comparison to Europe's Branch

  2. Will this season v set have Spanish audio and subtitles?