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DYNASTY (ABC) Episode Guide: Season 2 (1981-1982)

I believe most "DYNASTY" episode guides available on the web (at least on the prominent sites like,,, etc.) come from the same source (the defunct as they all contain the same airdate errors - in fact, the official DYNASTY DVDs appear to have used the same information. Here is therefore not only a more comprehensive, but also a more accurate DYNASTY episode guide.

Most guides list season 2 to have commenced November 4, 1981 - actually that was the original schedule which had to be altered at the last moment (I assume due to live sports programming). Therefore the first 7 episodes are normally listed a week early. Also, an episode that aired in March ("Mother and Son") is listed a week early. There are additional errors in later seasons as well. For now, here is season 2:

New timeslot: Wednesdays at 10:00pm
Season premiere: November 11, 1981
Season finale: May 05, 1982
Season length: 26 weeks
All-new episodes: 22
Pre-emptions: 4 (on December 30; March 10 and 31; April 21)
Reruns: June 2-September 22, 1982
Episodes repeated: 17 out of 22
Hiatus length: 24 weeks (from May 12-October 20, 1982)


November 04    "Enter Alexis" #2.01
               Originally planned for November 4 then moved to November 11 due to last minute schedule change (live sports coverage)

November 11    "Enter Alexis" #2.01 (SEASON PREMIERE)
               Blake is stunned by the appearance of his ex-wife and Krystle bolts from the courtroom

November 18    "The Verdict" #2.02
               The verdict is delivered in Blake's trial and Alexis moves into the art studio on the Carrington grounds

November 25    "Alexis' Secret" #2.03
               Alexis attempt to find the source of Krystle's strength and Claudia takes an overdose of drugs

December 02    "Fallon's Father" #2.04

               A reconciliation between Blake and Steven ends in disaster when an accident puts Steven in the hospital and Alexis in Blake's arms

December 09    "Reconciliation" #2.05
               Alexis schemes to rekindle her relationship with Blake and Krystle's nubile niece unexpectedly arrives for an indefinite stay

December 16    "Viva Las Vegas" #2.06
               Fallon sets out to have an affair with Nick Toscanni; Blake accepts help from the mob in a business deal; and Alexis learns that Krystle is pregnant

December 23    "The Miscarriage" #2.07

               Blake paces the hospital waiting for news about Krystle and the baby

December 30    pre-empted by "Summer Solstice" (1981, short TV-movie, starring Henry Fonda & Myrna Loy, 10:00-11:00pm)


January 06    "The Mid-East Meeting" #2.08
              Blake uses Alexis' relationship with Rashind Ahmed to recover his embargoed oil; and Sammy Jo sees Steven as her passport to a secure future.

January 13    "The Psychiatrist" #2.09
              Alexis rekindles the fire Blake once felt for her; while Nick uses Blake's apparent infidelity to romance Krystle; Fallon makes a decision about her pregnancy

January 20    "Sammy Jo and Steven Marry" #2.10

              synopsis unavailable

January 27    "The Car Explosion" #2.11
              Fallon rejected by Nick vows to find the other woman; newlyweds Steven and Sammy Jo return home to a jarring reception

February 03    "Blake's Blindness" #2.12

               Blake lashes out at the assailants who blinded him; Sammy Jo plots against Fallon; Krystle struggles between love for Nick and loyalty to Blake

February 10    "The Hearing" #2.13
               Nick, shocked by an unexpected reaction by Blake at the Senate hearings urges Krystle to move out; Alexis sends a poison pen letter to Blake

February 17    "The Iago Syndrome" #2.14

               Blake pretends to be blind; Alexis wins an unexpected victory over Krystle; and Colby plots to gain access to the Denver-Carrington files

February 24    "The Party" #2.15
               Fallon learns that Blake may not be her father; Alexis revives her affair with Colby; Blake announces that his sight has returned

March 03    "The Baby" #2.16
            Fallon is rushed to the hospital, where doctors try to save her baby; Krystle and Alexis get into a raging fight; and Claudia romances Jeff

March 10    pre-empted by "The Fall Guy" (repeat of a 2-hour episode, 9:00-11:00pm)

March 17    "Mother and Son" #2.17
            Blake awaits the results of a blood test to see if Fallon is his daughter; and Jeff catches Claudia stealing secret Denver-Carrington files

March 24    "The Gun" #2.18

            Blake furious over Colby's dealings with Claudia decks Colby; Nick and Krystle rush to stop a manic Claudia from killing Colby

March 31    pre-empted by "Cheryl Ladd... Scenes from a Special" (music and comedy special, also starring C. Burnett and R. Springfield)

April 07    "The Fragment" #2.19

            Krystle awaits the outcome of Claudia's surgery; Blake refuses Rheinwood's business offer and Alexis dodges Colby's marriage offer

April 14    "The Shakedown" #2.20
            Blake lashes out at Alexis; a hitchhiker threatens to announce he had an affair with Steven; and Police Lt. Hollman questions Claudia

April 21    pre-empted by "ABC News Close-Up: Fortress Israel" (one-hour news special)

April 28    "The Two Princes" #2.21

            Alexis flaunts her romance with Colby; Steven is booked on assault charges; Claudia remembers the night she was shot

May 05      "The Cliff" #2.22 (2nd SEASON FINALE)

            A shocking series of events threatens to destroy the Carrington family



May 12      pre-empted by "It's Not Easy Bein' Me" (R. Dangerfield music and comedy special)

May 19      pre-empted by "The Wayne Newton Special" (music and comedy special)

May 26      pre-empted by "In the Custody of Strangers" (made-for-TV movie starring Martin Sheen, premiere, 9:00-11:00pm)

June 02     "Alexis' Secret" #2.03 (R)
June 09     "Reconciliation" #2.05 (R)
June 16     "The Miscarriage" #2.07 (R)
June 23     "The Mid-East Meeting" #2.08 (R)
June 30     "The Psychiatrist" #2.09 (R)
July 07     "Steven and Sammy Jo Merry" #2.10 (R)
July 14     "The Car Explosion" #2.11 (R)
July 21     "The Hearing" #2.13 (R)
July 28     "The Iago Syndrome" #2.14 (R)
August 04   "The Party" #2.15 (R)
August 11   "The Baby" #2.16 (R)
August 18   "Mother and Son" #2.17 (R)
August 25   "The Gun" #2.18 (R)
Sept. 1     "The Fragment" #2.19 (R)
Sept. 8     "The Shakedown" #2.20 (R)
Sept. 15    "The Two Princes" #2.21 (R)
Sept. 22    "The Cliff" #2.22 (R)

NOTE: "Enter Alexis" (#2.01), "The Verdict" (#2.02), "Fallon's Father" (#2.04), "Viva Las Vegas" (#2.06) and "Blake's Blindness" (#2.12) were omitted from the rerun schedule.

September 29 pre-empted by "Money on the Side" (1982, made-for-TV movie, premiere, starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, 9:00-11:00pm)

October 06   pre-empted by baseball

October 13   pre-empted by "Having it All" (1982, made-for-TV movie, premiere, starring Dyan Cannon, 9:00-11:00pm)

October 20   pre-empted by "The Main Event" (1979, comedy starring B. Streisand, 9:00-11:00pm)

October 27   SEASON 3 premieres!

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