Thursday, June 16, 2011

DYNASTY Poll Results: Best Season

I'm happy to say, my favorite season of "DYNASTY" came out on top in our recent "What are your favorite DYNASTY seasons" poll.

THE COLBYS #2.22 "Devil's Advocate"

Bianca Jagger makes a guest appearance in this episode of "The Colbys" as a mysterious woman from Phillip Colby's past, who may help Jason shed some light on his brother's true intentions.


I think Linda Evans fans are really going to love this post. Following recent Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham collections, here are now as many as 20 HQ photographs of "Dynasty's" original principal lady - Linda Evans.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.21 "Return Engagement"

This is the 45th episode of "The Colbys" (21st episode of the 2nd season). Now that Phillip has come back from the dead, how is the family going to react to his return? And will there still be a chance for Sable and Jason to get back together?