Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pic of the Day: Alexis de Pompadour

Say what you want about the flaws of season 6 (including that dreadful season opener), but I still can't wait to put my hands on the upcoming season 6 region 2 DVD release and see, for instance, the "Masquerade" episode in all its newly re-mastered glory. Oh, and - Maxwell Caulfield on the polo field... Meaow!

Will Larry Hagman Do TNT's "Dallas"?

So, will Larry Hagman appear in the new "Dallas" on TNT or not? Two weeks after visiting Joan Collins at her home in London's Belgravia, Hello Magazine travels to Ojai above Los Angeles to visit Larry Hagman, a great television icon of the 80s and a true gentleman.

Linda Evans: "I Love Plastic Surgery!" (VIDEO)

When Linda Evans and Joan Collins reunited for their 2006 play "Legends" Entertainment Tonight asked them about their thoughts on beauty, plastic surgery and aging in Hollywood.

Friday, October 29, 2010

DYNASTY's Jeff Colby Attracts The Chicks (1984)

Now a little eye candy for John James fans courtesy of a fun little article from Orange Coast magazine that goes behind the scenes at Dynasty and asks "Jeff Colby" what he thinks of his co-stars.

VIDEO: Samantha (12)

Tonight, Steven demands to know where Sammy Jo is. This is the final installment of "Samantha" with Al Corley in the role of Steven. Next week we're taking a one-year jump.

Simon MacCorkindale (1952-2010)

British actor Simon MacCorkindale passed away earlier this month and there is a tribute to the actor, who made a cameo appearance in Dynasty's 3rd season, in the latest edition of Hello Magazine.

Dynasty's Dex Is Pure Sex (1985)

This article about Michael Nader - as a father and a sex symbol - was published during Dynasty's 5th season (in early March 1985). Learn how he got the part of Dex...

Heather Is Just Like US

Heather Locklear appears in the November 8 issue of US Weekly in their "Stars: They're Just Like Us" column.

VIDEO: Sable & Ben?

What's Sable Colby doing with that rascal Ben Carrington in Hong Kong?

Dynasty's 200th Episode Party

You may remember the 150th Dynasty episode party video (1986) from my YouTube channel (you can check it out again after the jump). Two years later, in the fall of 1988, the cast got together again to celebrate reaching their ultimate milestone.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

THE COLBYS #2.05 "Something Old, Something New"

In tonight's episode of "The Colbys" - a new Mrs. Colby arrives in Bel Air; Monica's former lover returns; and Bliss' Russian ballet dancer has a secret. Plus - an article about the show's season 2 focus on younger characters and "double-load" production schedule.

"Tony" Succumbed to AIDS

Gorgeous young actor Paul Keenan who played a minor yet noticeable role as stable groom Tony Driscoll was sadly one of the first "Dynasty" actors who passed away.

Sister Dearest: Caress Morell

In late 1985, British actress Kate O'Mara joined "Dynasty" amid the show's ratings troubles as part of an effort to refresh the soap with new stories.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here Comes The New Steven (1983)

This article was published in early March 1983, following the premiere of the episode titled "The Mirror" (season 3, episode 14) in which Jack Coleman was finally uncovered as the new Steven Carrington.

Pix of the Day: FILOLI MANSION

The 2010 season at the Filoli mansion may be over, but the holiday events are only coming (November 26-December 4). Here is now a small collection of images of one of TV's most glorious properties.

DYNASTY Poll Results: Who Should Play Steven & Fallon If DYNASTY Continued Today?

It's Wednesday and that means the poll results are in - here's who you preferred to see play Steven and Fallon Carrington if Dynasty were filmed today.

VIDEO: Samantha (11)

In this crucial installment of "Samantha," Alexis learns who told Fallon the alleged truth about her father and storms back to the mansion to once and for all take care of Krystle's naughty niece.

Joan Collins & Mario Lopez

Joan Collins tweeted the pic yesterday following her appearance on the syndicated entertainment show "Extra" on Monday with Mario Lopez. Plus, she explains the Jennigate (video).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ruthless land baron Ed Stenning (Jason Robards) realizes his son Nick (Jack Thompson) is helping Kate (Linda Evans) in her fight to keep her ranch and takes matters into his own hands. This is the penultimate episode of the 1986 mini-series. Watch out for the conclusion next Tuesday, November 2.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Esther Shapiro's DYNASTY (1985)

This 9-page article that goes behind the scenes at Dynasty was published in the summer of 1985 when the show's popularity peaked and the producers were about to unleash "Dynasty II: The Colbys."

The Jon-Erik Hexum Story (Plus Movie & HQ Pics)

27 years ago, Jon-Erik Hexum and Joan Collins starred in Aaron Spelling's "Making of a Male Model" - one of the most successful TV movies at the time. Sadly, just a year later, the young actor with a very promising career (who may have ended up playing Dynasty's Dex Dexter) lost his life on the set of CBS' "Cover Up."

VIDEO: Samantha (10)

Sammy Jo gets really naughty in this one - not only that she steals, lies and exposes family skeletons, she also dances her little heart out in a very inappropriate manner. Where will it all end?

Joan Collins & Linda Gray - California On Location Awards

Last night in Beverly Hills, Joan Collins and Linda Gray - two divas of 80s iconic soaps "Dynasty" and "Dallas" - shared the spotlight as presenters at California On Locations Awards.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

VIDEO: Sable Comes to Dynasty

Now here's a real treat - actress Stephanie Beacham discusses going back to "Dynasty" to battle Joan Collins in the show's ninth season - a rare clip from ABC's "Good Morning America" which aired in the fall of 1988.

Dynasty Goes "Back To Basics"

This August 1986 article from a Malaysian paper discusses mid season 6 changes in Dynasty and the producers' confidence they managed to fix their show that began its descent in the ratings.

Diahann Carroll & Billy Dee Williams Played a Sassy & Classy Couple on "Dynasty"

Here are two articles from African American press - one from October 1984 and the other one from January 1985 discussing the addition of Diahann Carroll and Billy Dee Williams to the luxe sudser "Dynasty."

Pic of the Day: Heaven Sent Fallon Back

Today's pic of the day may very well serve as wallpaper to those of you who've always admired the curvy qualities of Ms. Emma Samms who entered the Dynasty universe in May 1985, a year after her predecessor Pamela Sue Martin's departure.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does Anyone Have "Behind the Scenes at Dynasty" Issue of 'The Advocate' Magazine?

I've got plenty more Dynasty articles to share, but here's one I haven't been able to find, only the cover - so if anyone has it and would like to share the scans, please let me know.

DYNASTY Filming Locations: Pasadena Mansion (Arden Villa)

This is actually a 1984 article from People Magazine focusing on real life owners of "prime-time properties" - mansions that had become known to masses on hit serials like "Dallas," "Knots Landing," "Dynasty," and "Falcon Crest."

VIDEO: Pamela Bellwood on Hour Magazine (1983) & Playboy Pics

In 1983 'Dynasty' star Pamela Bellwood made an appearance on the syndicated daytime talker Hour Magazine during her character Claudia's season 3 absence, sporting an unusual hairstyle and talking about the show and why Claudia had been sent away.

Friday, October 22, 2010

DYNASTY Dollars: The Business Behind the TV Series

A couple of articles from 1984 - when 'Dynasty' generated immense hype, prior to hitting the #1 spot in the ratings - which tap into the show's growing merchandising business.

DYNASTY Pic of the Day

Had Gerard had some food stuck between his teeth or was he happy to be standing behind Alexis? The normally demure butler can't hide his feelings at Adam and Dana's wedding - whatever they may be.

DYNASTY Season 5 R1 DVD in March 2011?

According to a response to a fan question on the CBS Paramount Facebook page season 5 of "Dynasty" may finally be released for the US market (region 1) in March 2011, while the company is also looking into releasing "The Colbys."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

VIDEO: Samantha (9)

Tonight, Alexis realizes Sammy Jo may be worse than she had feared. Later, Krystle is enraged by a special delivery from a couture boutique.

DYNASTY Filming Locations: Alexis' Penthouse (The Longford)

When Alexis became Cecil Colby's widow in season 3 she did not move to his "Nine Oaks" mansion. But she did get a slick new penthouse to huff, puff, connive and eat men alive in.

THE COLBYS #2.04 "The Matchmaker"

Tonight, Jeff and Miles battle it out over Fallon in the first of their three dogfights this season, while Sable interferes in her son's relationship with Channing. Plus, 'Highlander' arrives.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DYNASTY End of Season 2 Article (1982)

This vintage Dynasty article was published in People Magazine in the spring of 1982 when the producers decided to get rid of a bunch of characters - Steven, Sammy Jo, Nick, Claudia & Cecil.

Dynasty Poll Results: Pointless Supporting Character

Gavin Maurier (played by Neil Dickson in late season 7) was the most pointless supporting character on Dynasty (at least from the four listed in our weekly poll).


In this week's installment, Kate learns the fate of her husband and has to make a decision whether to stay in Australia or go back home to Los Angeles.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heather Locklear @ Daughter Ava's Fashion Show

Sunday night was a big night for Heather Locklear's 13-year old daughter Ava who walked down the runway at a fashion event in Hollywood under the watchful eye of her proud parents.

Linda in "The Last Frontier" (1986 Article)

Here's an article published in People Magazine in early October 1986 when Linda Evans starred in the Australian mini-series "The Last Frontier."

VIDEO: Samantha (8)

This is my favorite episode of "Samantha" - at least, favorite episode so far. It contains a couple of truly classic scenes, the kind that I missed in "Dynasty's" latter years.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Joan Collins in Hello Magazine

Here it is - the Hello Magazine article that caused all that silly fuss earlier this week along with all the glossy images giving us a rare glimpse into Joanie's luxe Belgravia apartment. Enjoy.

VIDEO: Jack Coleman in "The Mentalist"

I have never been impressed with CBS procedurals, in fact I loathe them with a passion. But, it's good to see former "Dynasty" stars still making appearances in what are TV's hottest shows today.

Linda Evans' Vintage Photos

Oprah Winfrey compared a young Linda Evans to Barbie when the actress, now in her 60s, appeared on her show a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, October 15, 2010

VIDEO: Samantha (7)

The Two Mrs. Carringtons are not too thrilled when Steven and Sammy Jo share the happy news.

DYNASTY Stars News Update

Fresh images of Heather Locklear; Ali MacGraw reunites with her on-screen flame Ryan O'Neal; silliness ensues regarding comments Joan Collins made to Hello Magazine. Plus Joan to share spotlight with another 80s soap icon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

THE COLBYS #2.03 "Jason's Choice"

Tonight, Jason makes a decision about Sable's future stay at the Colbys mansion. Plus, Miles entertains your Mrs. Carter during her visit.

Dynasty Filming Locations: COLBYCO

Did you know one of the two office buildings used for establishing shots of "Colbyco" is actually located in Denver? More details after the jump.