Friday, October 29, 2010

Dynasty's Dex Is Pure Sex (1985)

This article about Michael Nader - as a father and a sex symbol - was published during Dynasty's 5th season (in early March 1985). Learn how he got the part of Dex... he got hit by a car at the age of 6; how he got into fights and drugs while living in New York; and how he struggled as an actor before Dynasty came along and how he found love and started a family with Robin Weiss.

Nader's marriage to Weiss was however a short one - she filed for divorce in October 1986 after months of separation. Nader's publicist said at the time his client was shocked by Weiss' decision to end their marriage.

The article also confirms what I said in another post earlier this week - Jon Erik Hexum was among the top-5 actors chosen for the role of Dex (and a favorite of Joan Collins), but Nader managed to win the role in the end.

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