Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pic of the Day: Alexis de Pompadour

Say what you want about the flaws of season 6 (including that dreadful season opener), but I still can't wait to put my hands on the upcoming season 6 region 2 DVD release and see, for instance, the "Masquerade" episode in all its newly re-mastered glory. Oh, and - Maxwell Caulfield on the polo field... Meaow!

The German DVD is currently priced at 48 EUR on (my season 5 DVD came from Germany in June), so maybe I'll go for the French release this time (now 39 EUR) - the French DVD also becomes available on December 1, 8 days prior to the German release.

Normally, I wait for sales and discounts, but "Dynasty" is of course an exception where I want to own the DVD as soon as it becomes available and thus I'm willing to pay the (lowest available) premium price. Oh, boy! Just 32 days left...


  1. I'm also looking forward, season six is one of my favorite seasons, it has catfights, the true Amanda, the introduction of Ben and Caress, the whole Rita storyline. Its so crazy and campy and fun.
    Love this blog!

  2. Hello!
    I have just started watching season 2 of the Colbys!
    Thanx u so much for your work!
    But I can't find episode 3 of season 2 ("Jason's Choice") anywhere?
    Have u uploaded this ep? If so, can u please give me the adress to the page because I can't find it..

    Please help me, I loooove your page!


  3. Hello Michael,

    Thanks - you can find all "Colbys" episodes under the Colbys label at:

    or just go directly to the episode by clicking:

  4. Thanks for the Halloween treat ! :-)