Monday, October 4, 2010

VIDEO: Samantha (1)

Those of you who used to visit my old YouTube channel will recall my re-edited episodes of "Dynasty" where I would put together scenes pertaining to a particular storyline or character.

Though I started my channel in July 2008 simply to share an E! behind-the-scenes special about "Dynasty" (which is no longer available as Comcast had it pulled last Christmas), I quickly got into the habit of posting such re-edited videos, once I realized how much fun I was having while making them.

I was originally inspired by the guy who was posting "Luke & Noah" videos taken from the daytime soap "As the World Turns" and decided to make my own series with "Steven & Luke."

I soon got into a habit of posting daily videos (at times with as many as three different storylines per day), such as "Alexis' Revenge" (Alexis' attack on Blake from season 6), "Kissing Cousins" (Alexis & Sable's battle from season 9), "The Two Mrs. Carrington" (Alexis' original storyline from season 2) and many more.

I will continue the practice on this blog as, believe it or not, there are still several "Dynasty" storylines I still haven't managed to butcher :) and the first on the list will be "Samantha."

This is the story of Krystle Carrington's adorably trashy and rotten niece Sammy Jo, played by the young and very cute Heather Locklear, who sets her sights on Steven, her aunt's goodhearted but vulnerable stepson. 

Steven is of course gay, but that's not a problem for the golddigging minx or the brazen "Dynasty" writers. Allegedly, it was a problem for Al Corley (the actor who originally played Steven), so he was soon asked to leave.

As always, you will be able to find new "Samantha" videos on this blog every day, Monday to Friday.

This series will cover Heather Locklear's scenes in seasons 2, 3, 4 and early season 5.

Her scenes beyond that are covered in my YouTube playlists "Rita Lesley's Greatest Role" and "My Gay Husband."

The other storylines I am planning for the season ahead (and you should be able to find on this blog) are - "Downstairs Bride," "The Two Mrs. Carrington 3," and "The Man Who Conned Alexis."

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  1. Looking forward to all of these. Your work is always superb!