Thursday, October 21, 2010

THE COLBYS #2.04 "The Matchmaker"

Tonight, Jeff and Miles battle it out over Fallon in the first of their three dogfights this season, while Sable interferes in her son's relationship with Channing. Plus, 'Highlander' arrives.

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 16, 1986 at 9:00-10:00pm on the ABC TV Network (the show was pre-empted for baseball playoffs on October 9)

RATINGS: a new series-low this week with a 9.2 rating (down from 10.5) which is a little over 8 million households - the show continues to air opposite hit series "Cheers" (NBC) and "Knots Landing" (CBS).

TV GUDIE SYNOPSIS: Bliss becomes attracted to dancer Kolya Rostov.

In addition to Adrian Paul's first appearance as a new flame for Bliss (finally giving Claire Yarlett a decent storyline), this episode is filled with drama.

Having finished her ordeal in the bedroom, Sable goes back to her scheming ways after Frankie throws in her face the news about Jason's trust fund for Jeff and Fallon's baby.

Meanwhile, Miles must decide whether to keep pining over Fallon or make new plans with Channing. A juicy little dogfight should help him make up his mind.


  1. Don't know if anyone realized it yet but the "Powers Excelsior" is Alexis' penthouse revamped :)

  2. Oh, I'd never noticed that before. You're right! :) We didn't see 'The Excelsior' in 1985/86 and we no longer see Alexis' penthouse in 1986/87. Also, many think the same set had been used as Alexis' studio in season 2 (1981/82).

  3. Hello!
    I have just started watching season 2 of the Colbys!
    Thanx u so much for your work!
    But I can't find episode 3 of season 2 ("Jason's Choice") anywhere?
    Have u uploaded this ep? If so, can u please give me the adress to the page because I can't find it..

    Please help me, I loooove your page!

  4. Jeff Colby's apartment in Season 9 of Dynasty is also the same set used for Zach Powers' apartment in The Colbys.