Friday, October 29, 2010

DYNASTY's Jeff Colby Attracts The Chicks (1984)

Now a little eye candy for John James fans courtesy of a fun little article from Orange Coast magazine that goes behind the scenes at Dynasty and asks "Jeff Colby" what he thinks of his co-stars.

If you're a big "Dynasty" fan you'll probably know that John James originally auditioned for the role of Steven Carrington - makes one wonder how different things would have worked out if he indeed had been cast in that role.

The article was published during the Helmut Berger era of the show, as you can see from the scene which the writer of the article witnessed being filmed and describes in the beginning in detail.

No thoughts on Berger (whom I believe Gordon Thomson called "an ass"), but James does mention most regulars who worked with him in the show's third and fourths seasons, including a sweet little moment with Joan Collins.

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