Monday, October 4, 2010

Before They Were on "Dynasty"...

...LeAnn Hunley (Dana) and Wayne Northrop (Michael) shared some romantic history on NBC's daytime soap "Days of Our Lives."

LeAnn first appeared as Anna DiMera on DOOL in 1982. Her character arrived in Salem searching for husband Roman (Northrop) with whom she had a 4-year old daughter.

Northrop had, of course, already played Blake Carrington's scheming chauffeur Michael in "Dynasty's" innaugural season, before returning to the show the same year Hunley was cast (though they had separate storylines).

It was believed Northrop was re-hired to capitalize on his new-found popularity in daytime. Behind the scenes shenaningas (the result of which was firing of Catherine Oxenberg) however plagued his return to "Dynasty."

After the unfortunate casting of Karen Cellini (who took over the role of Amanda), the intended (though in my opinion very random and uninspired) coupling of Michael and Amanda went awry. After Cellini was dumped, Northrop had litle to do on the show and his storyline fizzled out with a whimper.

Hunley (who recently returned to DOOL) was more fortunate. She spent 2 years on "Dynasty" playing the lovely Dana Waring. The actress however disliked acting constraints imposed by "Dynasty" producers and made a decision to leave in 1988.

In a radio interview last year, her on-screen partner Gordon Thomson repeated his regret that she was allowed to leave as that meant a return to evil roots for his conniving "Dynasty" character in the show's ultimate season.

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