Monday, October 25, 2010

Esther Shapiro's DYNASTY (1985)

This 9-page article that goes behind the scenes at Dynasty was published in the summer of 1985 when the show's popularity peaked and the producers were about to unleash "Dynasty II: The Colbys."

Find out how Dynasty was made, how it grew into a hit series, what changes it went through over time, and how the producers came up with "The Colbys."

Executive producer Douglas S.Cramer said "We walk a fine like this side of camp," but only weeks after the publication of this article "Dynasty" seemed to have crossed that line. 

Though the show's season 6 opener topped the Moldavian Massacre episode by generating a 28 rating (over 40 million households watching) the viewers soon abandoned the series in droves. Within 2 years, "Dynasty" was out of the top-20.

With that in mind, it is interesting to read this interview with the show's creator Esther Shapiro and the other producers who were oozing confidence they'd found lasting success, just weeks before their golden goose would get into trouble.


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