Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DYNASTY End of Season 2 Article (1982)

This vintage Dynasty article was published in People Magazine in the spring of 1982 when the producers decided to get rid of a bunch of characters - Steven, Sammy Jo, Nick, Claudia & Cecil.

The article focuses on Pamela Sue Martin & John James who survived the "spring cleaning" at Dynasty and were coming back for season 3 in the fall.

There is also additional information concerning the firing of Al Corley, who was let go after "badmouthing the show publicly." The actor was of course unhappy his gay character was "straightened out" which was both unrealistic and insensitive to the gay community.

Three of the characters of course came back in the course of season 3. Lloyd Bochner's Cecil was however killed off to allow Alexis to become the richest woman in the country and try to follow up on her promise from season 2 to fight her ex, Blake Carrington.

Such massive cast changes (along with the hiring of 3 new regulars) was a bold step on the part of the producers as Dynasty had only begun its ascent in the ratings.

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