Friday, October 1, 2010

Maxwell Caulfield: Then and Now

Colbys' resident hunk Maxwell Caulfield recently returned to TV screens in the UK in the soap "Emmerdale Farm." Check out his publicity still for the TV series.

The 50-year old actor (who was only 25 when he was cast to play Charlton Heston's son) is currently touring the UK with his wife Juliet Mills (daughter of the legendary Sir John Mills) in the play "Bedroom Farce."

The couple met in 1980 while performing in the play "The Elephant Man." They both appeared on "Dynasty," although they never shared a scene on the show. Maxwell and Juliet live in Southern California.

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  1. its just called 'Emmerdale' now instead of Emmerdale farm and unfortunately his character was murdered with a shotgun and buried in the woods x x