Saturday, October 16, 2010

Joan Collins in Hello Magazine

Here it is - the Hello Magazine article that caused all that silly fuss earlier this week along with all the glossy images giving us a rare glimpse into Joanie's luxe Belgravia apartment. Enjoy.


  1. When I stare at Joan Collins in 2010, years happens to be so obviously harmless that I feel 17 again! Thanks Miss Collins! You're a genuine fountain of youth... You are the new Gloria Swanson...

  2. as soon as i saw this post i had to run out and buy a copy of HELLO! :) x x love Joan collins so much

  3. It is good to see that JC is finally happy after some very hard and harsh years after her first career ended in the mid 70's. She also shows that women can be happy at a very mature age, it all depends on the mindset and the will not to age as expected like no sex after a certain age, doing nothing all day long and have a boring dull life! Not for JC, but the other side of owning 4 houses and having staff to pay to keep them in pristine order is that she still has and wants to work, although her personal fortune is high enough to never work again and keep the houses! So in the end, she is quite a good role model for modern women to change their lives, never give up and believe in life that it "will get better" in the end just stick around to witness it!