Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sister Dearest: Caress Morell

In late 1985, British actress Kate O'Mara joined "Dynasty" amid the show's ratings troubles as part of an effort to refresh the soap with new stories.

You can of course read a lot about Kate's first days in Hollywood and how that year went for her in her autobiography, but here are now a couple of articles about Kate, published at the time.

I absolutely loved Kate on "Dynasty" and wished she had been given more screen time and juicier stories. 

For instance, her book about Alexis should have been allowed to hit shelves and cause more damage. Later, we should have seen her dig up some filth on Ben in Australia and return to Denver armed for revenge.

But with all the course-correcting and midseason-shuffling it was never meant to be.

Similar to Diahann Carroll, Kate O'Mara was another great casting choice on "Dynasty" that never truly lived up to its potential, due to the increasingly weak scripts and producers making too many changes at every sign of sinking ratings.


  1. Hi,

    Dynasty is one of my all time favourite tv shows, it is so much fun, outrageous and campy and I have every dvd so far. I managed to discover this page a week ago and I have been looking at it ever since, I love it it's full of great videos, articles and HD videos.... so thanks for the great job!
    I was just woindering, what are your thoughts on each season and which one is your favourite?
    Could you post some cast pics from S5, S6 and S7?
    Thanks, keep up with the good work and happy halloween!

  2. LB, keep up with your amazing work.
    I too loved Caress (with a name like that, how you can not?) but the fact that she was casted as Alexis' youngest sister is ludicrous. Maybe they did that just to make Joan look better in the eyes of the viewers.

  3. Thank you, guys. That's a good idea, I'll make a series of posts with my thoughts on each season and then everyone else can add their opinion. I'll try to find some S5-07 pics, too.

    That always reminds me, Nadavno, of Kate's guest starring role on the hilarious British sitcom "Absolutely Fabulous" - where she also played a younger sister of one of the show's principal stars Joanna Lumley.

    I will always laugh at that priceless line of hers: "Patsy, I'm 74!" and her sister's disgusted response: "Oh, my God! What does that make me?!" Check it out if you haven't seen it, it's an early episode called "New Year."

  4. Thanks so much for the incredible HQ pics of kate o'mara. I just loved her in Dynasty - she livened up the show no end. She should have stayed alot longer.

  5. Here I am with my Alexis and Caress t-shirt! I used the first pic! Thanks LB!