Saturday, October 23, 2010

VIDEO: Pamela Bellwood on Hour Magazine (1983) & Playboy Pics

In 1983 'Dynasty' star Pamela Bellwood made an appearance on the syndicated daytime talker Hour Magazine during her character Claudia's season 3 absence, sporting an unusual hairstyle and talking about the show and why Claudia had been sent away.

Bellwood, of course, went to Africa to do a photo shoot for Playboy Magazine (published in April 1983) romping seminaked with Masai tribesmen. The actress was known for traveling to exotic locations with her then-boyfriend British photographer Nick Wheeler (whom she later married).

The actress later said her father didn't speak to her for a month after the publication of the photos (in which her breasts were exposed). Later, however, he told her she was crazy to refuse a $1 million offer from the competing Hustler Magazine.

At the time, Bellwood and Wheeler lived with Wheeler's 14-year-old son, Adam, in a three-story Spanish-style house in the Hollywood Hills where Bellwood said she would swim up to 75 laps a day and work out with weights to keep her 5'5" frame at 102 pounds.

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