Monday, October 4, 2010

Dynasty Filming Locations: Denver-Carrington

Don't look for Blake Carrington's empire in Denver, Colorado. A couple of business towers in downtown Los Angeles were used to establish "Dynasty" scenes taking place at "Denver-Carrington." Check them out on Google StreetView.

In early seasons (before Blake had his office remodeled), "Dynasty" producers used the 55-floor highrise located at 333 South Hope Street, which is known today as "The Bank of America Plaza." At the time it was called "The Security Pacific Plaza." 

The tower was built between 1973-1975. A sculpture called "Four Arches" by Alexander Calder is located near the main entrance. It can be seen in establishing shots for both buildings on "Dynasty," since the second building used on the show is just across the street.

In 1984, Blake's office decor was changed along with the exterior of "Denver-Carrington." But the producers didn't look far for a new building. They used what is known today as the "Wells Fargo Center" right across the street.

This tower was completed in 1982. It won the "Office Building of the Year" award in 1986 and 2003. In the 1980s it was known as the "Crocker Center." Its construction was featured in the 1983 movie "Blue Thunder."

The reflection of "Bank of America Plaza" can actually be seen in many establishing shots of the "Wells Fargo Center." This building was used as the seat of "Denver-Carrington" until the show's demise in 1989.

Check out the buildings on StreetView:

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  1. I always wondered where those buildings were located. Thanks for sharing.