Friday, October 29, 2010

VIDEO: Sable & Ben?

What's Sable Colby doing with that rascal Ben Carrington in Hong Kong?

Obviously, this is not a scene from "Dynasty," but it does make one wonder what would have happened if Sable appeared in Denver earlier and joined Blake and Krystle in their fight against her "kissing cousin" Alexis and Blake's no-good brother Ben.

The scene is taken from the 1992 two-part mini-series "To Be The Best" - the last book/series in the trilogy of Barbara Bredford Taylor's "A Woman of Substance" and "Hold the Dream."

"To Be The Best" was a critically-panned project which also received poor reception among the fans of BBT's books.

Beacham was doing quite a bit of soap opera/trashy novel work at the time - in addition to her role on "Beverly Hills 90210" she also appeared in:

* Jackie Collins' "Lucky/Chances" (with Dynasty co-star Michael Nader) in 1990; 

* "Secrets" - a Danielle Steel adaptation by "Colbys" writer William Bast and "Dynasty" producer Douglas S.Cramer; and 

* a 1993 Jilly Cooper adaptation of "Riders" with Dynasty's "Prince Michael" - Michael Praed.

Earlier this year, Beacham joined "Dynasty" co-star Joan Collins in London at the memorial service for Cazenove who passed away in early April, just a week after his on-screen brother John Forsythe.

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