Friday, October 15, 2010

DYNASTY Stars News Update

Fresh images of Heather Locklear; Ali MacGraw reunites with her on-screen flame Ryan O'Neal; silliness ensues regarding comments Joan Collins made to Hello Magazine. Plus Joan to share spotlight with another 80s soap icon.

Heather Locklear went out to do some shopping with her sister on Wednesday. Paparazzi were there to take some shots and The Daily Mail of Britain were kind enough to note how puffy and bloated she looks these days. They also focused on her recent troubles and said he career has taken a nosedive.

Heather recently celebrated her 49th birthday among friends including former Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner who even sang for her. Her official request to drop Sambora, the last name of her former husband, prompted speculation that she might be getting married. She denied such reports.

Heather will star later this year in another Lifetime production.

Meanwhile, Ali MacGraw who played Lady Ashley, one of the two victims of "Dynasty's" infamous Moldavian massacre reunited on "Oprah" with her "Love Story" co-star Ryan O'Neal to mark 40 years since making their classic romance with a tragic ending. 


Though the two never dated, Ryan said Ali was his first true love. When Oprah asked if he would ever find love again he said he would be "working on this one over the weekend" prompting the typical audience response.

Finally, Joan Collins' comments about Angelina Jolie being probably the only truly beautiful woman in Hollywood today and Jennifer Aniston being cute were presented as insults in entertainment media this week. Aniston camp responded by saying they would not be responding.

And nonsense it was. But rather on the part of the media who salivate at any opportunity to stir controversy where there is none. Obviously it was a slow news week. Collins tweeted today the media jumped on out-of-context quotes and calling someone cute was not exactly an insult.

Speaking of Joan, Variety reported that in addition to being on "Rules of Engagement" next month, the actress will be one of the two hosts of "California On Location Awards" later this month in Hollywood. And get this - she will share the spotlight with Linda Gray of "Dallas." How's that for an 80s supersoap double whammy.

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