Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pic of the Day: Heaven Sent Fallon Back

Today's pic of the day may very well serve as wallpaper to those of you who've always admired the curvy qualities of Ms. Emma Samms who entered the Dynasty universe in May 1985, a year after her predecessor Pamela Sue Martin's departure.

Being in heaven appeared to have been very prosperous for Fallon Carrington Colby. She got a beautiful new face (not that there was anything wrong with the one she'd had before) and quite an improvement in the breast department.

Unfortunately, she also came back with a much softer (one might say wimpier) personality and penchant for being a victim. When however the scripts improved in the show's ultimate season, Samms rose to the occasion and played Fallon with fresh vigor. 

The picture is taken from an "angelic" photo shoot used in 1985 to promote Ms.Samms arrival. You can also find a People Magazine article concerning her addition to Dynasty below.

Samms had already been known to audiences from her daytime stint on "General Hospital." 

Like her on-screen mother Joan Collins she'd also romanced the tragically deceased Jon-Erik Hexum in a memorable episode of Aaron Spelling's 'Hotel'.


  1. This article is pretty nasty towards Pamela Sue Martin ! OK, the departure from "Dynasty" was not exactly a smart career move...

  2. I found Fallon's first face to be the more beautiful and her willowy figure was more graceful and elegant and model like.