Monday, October 4, 2010

"The Last Frontier" - Starts Tuesday 12/10/10

Tune in Tuesday, Oct.12 to see the first of 4 episodes of the Australian mini-series "The Last Frontier" starring "Dynasty" diva Linda Evans.

In addition to season 2 of "The Colbys" on Thursday nights and a daily does of re-edited "Dynasty" episodes, I'll be posting classic mini-series on Tuesday evenings.

The first will be the 1986 CBS mini-series "The Last Frontier" which was filmed in Australia earlier that year (while "Dynasty" was taking a break between seasons 6 and 7).

Evans plays an American woman who falls in love with a man from Australia and makes a decision to leave her life in the US behind and join him at his farm with her kids. Once they arrive Down Under, he seems to have disappeared...

Unlike Joan Collins' flop "Monte Carlo" which aired on the same network a month later, "The Last Frontier" did very well for CBS and was one of the rare success stories from the 1986/87 season.

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