Sunday, October 24, 2010

VIDEO: Sable Comes to Dynasty

Now here's a real treat - actress Stephanie Beacham discusses going back to "Dynasty" to battle Joan Collins in the show's ninth season - a rare clip from ABC's "Good Morning America" which aired in the fall of 1988.

Beacham recently explained in her autobiography that she felt relieved when "The Colbys" was canceled in 1987. Although she loved Sable Colby, she found playing the character exhausting.

Then in 1988, when "Dynasty" barely got renewed for what proved to be its final season, the show's new producer Dallas' David Paulsen, who tried to breathe new life into the dying sudser, made Beacham an offer to reprise the role.

Paulsen enjoyed Beacham's performance while watching some of the 195 episodes of "Dynasty" and 49 episodes of "The Colbys" that had been made until then.

And he certainly made the right call when he thought she would be a perfect solution to compensating for reduced appearances of "Dynasty" divas Linda Evans and Joan Collins. The former wanted out, the latter was too expensive for the show's limited budget.

In this appearance, Beacham is actually wearing one of Sable's outfits - she can be seen in this dress at the end of episode 909 titled "Ginger Snaps."

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  1. It is clear from the clip that SB was filmed for this interview on the set of Dynasty and that she was ready to film, was in the process of filming or just had filmed the scene as seen in Ginger Snaps! Great clip!