Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Dynasty" Filming Locations: The Demise of "The Carlton"

Five years ago today, the Pasadena mansion known to "Dynasty" fans as the luxurious "Carlton" hotel perished in fire.

The iconic Tudor Revival style residence at 160 S.San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena was designed by a reknowned African American architect Paul R. Williams on the eve of the Great Depression.

British immigrant Jack Pease Atkin, who made a vast fortune racing thoroughbreds, hired Williams in 1929 to build him a castle.

Atkin told Williams he wanted to spend half a million dollars - a huge amount of money in those days, which allowed for use of lavish materials like marble, oak and leaded glass.

In addition to "Dynasty," the house had been used in many film and TV productions. In fact, Atkin himself began renting the property to movie studios in the 1930s.

For further reading check out this vintage L.A.Times article from 1985 by clicking here.

Today all that is left of the property is the guard house by the front gate (the image bellow is taken from Google StreetView).

Here's a KABC story about the fire at the mansion, which - according to the report - was being reconstructed at the time.

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