Friday, October 1, 2010

Joan Collins' 'Scoundrel'

Today we're flashing back to 1983, when Revlon announced "Dynasty" vixen Joan Collins was hired to promote their new fragrance "Scoundrel."

The endorsement deal originally dates back to July of that year, when Revlon signed Collins to be fully involved with the promotion of the scent.

They promised that the TV ads, which would launch in the fall of that year, be "wickedly delicious." Or was that "deliciously wicked?"

Ad experts estimated at the time, if signed for 2-3 years, Collins' contract would be in the $1 million range.

They were right. In 1986 it was reported Collins made $750,000. By that time however, her endorsement efforts had proliferated. 

On top of her $47,000 per episode "Dynasty" salary at the time, she earned additional deals from Sanyo and Canada Dry.

Collins also pocketed $1 million for her mini-series "Sins" and a reported $125,000 for a 5-hour appearance in West Germany.

1986 was however not the best of years for Collins - in addition to her marriage with Peter Holm falling apart (followed by a nasty divorce battle), "Dynasty's" continuing creative and ratings struggle, and her second CBS mini-series "Monte Carlo" flatlining in the ratings, Revlon decided not to renew her "Scoundrel" contract and replaced her with Susan Lucci. AdWeek cited cooperation problems at the time.

Within 3 years, however, Collins was back in the fragrance game with a vengeance. In early 1989, while "Dynasty" was closing shop, she launched her own perfume "Spectacular" (exclusively sold at Bloomingdale's). Later that year, the fragrance was followed by her own jewelry line.

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