Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dynasty Poll Results: Pointless Supporting Character

Gavin Maurier (played by Neil Dickson in late season 7) was the most pointless supporting character on Dynasty (at least from the four listed in our weekly poll).

23 out of the 53 votes cast over the past week made Gavin the winner in this week's poll - he was Alexis Colby's suitor as a troubled season 7 limped to its uninspired conclusion.

Dickson, of course, was one of the men romancing Joan Collins in her high-profile CBS mini-series "Sins" which aired earlier that year and may have inspired Dynasty producers to cast him.

Unfortunately, there was little chemistry between the two on "Dynasty" where they rode a motorbike, ate hot dogs and listened to Kenny Loggins.

The gimmick didn't work because the storyline made no sense and it also led nowhere - it's only purpose seemed to be giving Alexis something to do till the end of the season and a reason to drive off that bridge and into the arms of Sean Rowen (perhaps Gavin's storyline was given to Sean?).

I personally found your second choice, the fake Krystle Rita Lesley from the cartoonish early season 6, quite hilarious. I just wish the storyline was executed a little differently.

Krystle's cousin Virginia Metheny, who popped out in season 9 to provide Krystle with sanctuary was one vote behind Rita. I found her backstory with Dex quite ridiculous and of course she was quickly dropped once the producers realized the character wasn't working out. She would have been my second choice.

Jeff's statue-hunting wife Nicole Simpson seemed to bother you the least, coming in the last place with only 7 votes.

A new poll for the week ahead - if Dynasty was continued today (like Dallas is about to be redone for TNT) who do you think should play the Carrington siblings Steven and Fallon (both characters were played by two different people).

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