Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dynasty Filming Locations: COLBYCO

Did you know one of the two office buildings used for establishing shots of "Colbyco" is actually located in Denver? More details after the jump.

The Colbyco Oil. company was said to have started as a local manufacturing concern in 1812 and developed over time into a national fixture in the oil business. 

When the "Dynasty" saga began in 1980, the fictional company had already grown into a giant that was said to have made Blake Carrington's competing upstart Denver-Carrington look like a corner filling station.

The original building used for establishing shots of "Colbyco" (which can still be seen in latter seasons) was located at 1840 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City, Los Angeles.

In fact, John James, Pamela Sue Martin and Wayne Northtrop filmed a scene for episode 4 of season 1 on the stairs leading up to the front entrance of the building.

Later, as the company passed from the late Cecil Colby onto his widow Alexis, making her one of the richest women in America, the producers looked for a new building whose exterior was more suitable for such an operation.

And they found it in Denver at 1801 California Street. The tower located there is known today as the HQ of the QWest corporation. It hadn't actually been built when "Dynasty" began - the construction was completed in 1982/83.

This 52-floor tower is the second tallest building in Denver. At the time when it was completed it was the tallest building in Denver. 

The original "Colbyco" building in L.A. is 4 times shorter. For more on the building check out its wiki page. 

Also, check out the StreetView links for a better look at the buildings and their surrounding areas.

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