Monday, October 4, 2010

Linda Evans on Oprah Today! (UPDATED)

"Dynasty" diva Linda Evans, who played a Denver oil magnate's trophy wife Krystle Carrington for over 200 episodes, will be...

...making a special appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today (Thursday, September 30, 2010), so check your local station schedule for airtime.

UPDATE: Our friend Paige has posted the episode on the Internet, so I embedded the three parts in which Linda appears for easier viewing. Thanks, Paige! Do check it out while it's still available.

"Moonlighting" star and former model Cybill Shepherd and "Desperate Housewife" Teri Hatcher also made an appearance on this episode episode of "Oprah."

Barbie Collector Dynasty Krystle Doll 

According to an official synopsys of the program on the Oprah website, the ladies "made startling confessions about aging and beauty."

Linda, who is rarely seen on TV these days, made an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning, America" last fall, the video of which you can see below. 

The actress discussed her life and fame that "Dynasty" brought her, as well as her now-icy relationship with former co-star Joan Collins.

She also went on to win the UK edition of "Hell's Kitchen" in the spring of 2009. A playlist of 15 videos containing her scenes on the show is currently available on my YouTube channel.


  1. I watched this today and thought Linda did a nice job. There wasn't a lot of talk about Dynasty, as this was a show about aging, but there were several clips/photos of her from the show. I was disappointed that she didn't mention John Forsythe's passing, but in all fairness there really wasn't much opportunity for her to bring it up. There was some really nice footage of her house in Washington and she seems to be enjoying her life.

  2. I wasn't able to watch it myself, so I appreciate the summary, Paige. Thanks. :)

  3. It was so nice to see Linda on Oprah, but I definitely miss seeing her on a show like Hell's Kitchen :)

  4. I uploaded the episode if you want to check it out. Here's the link: