Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does Anyone Have "Behind the Scenes at Dynasty" Issue of 'The Advocate' Magazine?

I've got plenty more Dynasty articles to share, but here's one I haven't been able to find, only the cover - so if anyone has it and would like to share the scans, please let me know.

As you can see, the article was published in the American gay news magazine "The Advocate" on January 7, 1986 (#437) and it takes a look at what's in store for Dynasty's gay character Steven Carrington.

Of course, we all know now that the answer to that question was - nothing much. A couple of months later his storyline with the senator's son was dropped and Steven began messing aroung with his ex-wife Sammy Jo (or being celibate) before leaving in 1988.

I would however like to know what the plans for the character had been at that point, prior to change in course (which became typical for Dynasty when its ratings took a dive and the producers would panic). 

According to the original plans for season 6 (the show's 'bible'), the two men were supposed to end up living together (with Steven's son Danny) before they would be torn apart by an evil scheme orchestrated by Steven's brother Adam. Perhaps this article can verify that.

Hollywood AIDS hysteria of 1985 (following Rock Hudson's death) that resulted in toning down of much sex and gay-related content on US broadcast television or the overall change in course for season 6 of Dynasty should have played part in the Fallmont storyline being dropped.

On the side note, as I had promised this summer on my YouTube channel, once season 6 DVD becomes available later this year, I will continue the posting of the gay storyline which I interrupted just before the Moldavian massacre. The videos will be posted (hopefully before Christmas) on this blog.

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