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DYNASTY (ABC): Episode Guide: Season 3 (1982-1983)

During its third season "Dynasty" finally turned into a massive hit and entered the top-5. Though it would take 2 more years for the show to reach the overall top ranking, many of the episodes (including the April 1983 season finale) were among its highest-rated ever.

Because of "Dynasty's" enormous success that year, in the spring of 1983 ABC made a decision to move the show the following fall to an earlier timeslot (9:00pm) and order a companion series from Aaron Spelling ("Arthur Hailey's HOTEL") that would air as a 10:00pm lead-out.

The season premiered and ended two weeks earlier than the previous season. ABC added 2 episodes to the season order (going up from 22 to 24) and thus pre-empted the show only 2 times in-season (for big event February sweeps and Easter mini-series). Summer reruns ended a week early because of the 2-hour "HOTEL" premiere.

Regular timeslot: Wednesdays at 10:00pm
Season premiere: October 27, 1982
Season finale: April 20, 1983
Season length: 26 weeks
All-new episodes: 24
Pre-emptions: 2 (on February 9 and March 30)
Reruns: June 1-September 14, 1983
Episodes repeated: 14 out of 24
Hiatus length: 22 weeks (from April 27-September 21, 1983)


October 27    "The Plea" #3.01

              The kidnapping of Fallon and Jeff's son triggers memories of Alexis and Blake's forgotten child; while Blake lies unconscious on a mountain cliff and Alexis schemes to marry Cecil Colby

November 03    "The Roof" #3.02
               The police close in on the kidnapper of Fallon and Jeff's baby; and a silver rattle is Michael Torrance's only link to his birthright as Adam Carrington

November 10    "The Wedding" #3.03
               The kidnapping of Fallon and Jeff's baby reaches an emotional climax; Blake is caught off guard by Michael Torrance's claim that he is Adam Carrington

November 17    "The Will" #3.04
               The reading of Cecil's will results in a power struggle between Blake and Alexis; Michael desperately tries to convince Alexis that he is her son; and Fallon starts work on La Mirada

November 24    "The Siblings" #3.05
               Blake has second thoughts about Michael; and Alexis schemes to bring Krystle's ex-husband to Denver

December 1    "Mark" #3.06
              Krystle's ex-husband arrives in Denver; Fallon instills doubts in Blake about Adam; and Joseph resigns from the Carrington staff

December 8    "Kirby" #3.07
              Adam betrays Blake's new trust in him; Alexis arranges a "chance" meeting between Krystle and Mark Jennings; and Joseph's daughter arrives from Paris

December 15   "La Mirage" #3.08
              Fallon throws a Roaring Twenties party; Krystle is staggered by an encounter with Mark Jennings; and Kirby confronts her notorious past

December 22   "Acapulco" #3.09
              Mark tells Krystle that their divorce papers are phony; Blake locates Steven; and Kirby tells her father the truth about her life in Paris

December 29    "The Locket" #3.10
        Blake flies to Indonesia to find Steven; Mark knocks Krystle off balance; and Joseph tries to discourage Kirby's feelings for Jeff


January 05    "The Search" #3.11
              Blake rejects the proof of Steven's death; Adam tricks Kirby into a candlelight dinner; and Mark gains Krystle's attention

January 12    "Samantha" #3.12
              Sammy Jo returns to Denver; and Mark Jennings takes advantage of Alexis' heartbroken state over Steven

January 19    "Danny" #3.13

              Alexis and Fallon undermine Sammy Jo's plan to leave her baby with Krystle and Blake

January 26    "Madness" #3.14
              Fallon is terrified by Jeff's irrational rage; Adam tells Alexis of his plan to poison Jeff; and Blake and Krystle's efforts to adopt Steven's baby hit a snag

February 2    "Two Flights to Haiti" #3.15
              Alexis gains power over Blake and plots to override Adam's machinations; Fallon flies to Haiti for divorce

February 9    pre-empted by "The Winds of War" (mini-series, part 4, 9:00-11:00pm)

February 16   "The Mirror" #3.16
              Alexis outmanuevers Adam to assure Blake's safety and her own power over Blake; and Steven faces himself for the first time since surgery

February 23   "Battle Lines" #3.17
              Blake fights to stop Alexis; Dan Cassidy flies to Singapore to identify the oil rig survivor; and Fallon ends up in Mark's arms after her Haitian divorce

March 2       "Reunions in Singapore" #3.18
              Blake flies to Singapore in hopes of finding Steven; Krystle and Alexis learn of Mark's involvement with Fallon; Adam plots to get Kirby to spend a night with him

March 9       "Fathers and Sons" #3.19
              Blake lures an apprehensive Steven back to Denver; and Jeff and Kirby plunge into a future together

March 16      "Downstairs Bride" #3.20
              Steven tries to talk Sammy Jo into coming back to Denver with him; and Jeff and Kirby return from Reno

March 23      "The Vote" #3.21

              Blake's board of directors turn in a vote for control of Denver-Carrington, but the actions of Congressman MacVane cause a surprising final tally

March 30      pre-empted by "The Thorn Birds" (mini-series, part 4, 8:00-11:00pm)

April 06      "The Dinner" #3.22
              Alexis thwarts Krystle's attempts to reconcile Blake and Steven; Jeff gains clout over Alexis in a business deal; and Steven visits Claudia in a sanatorium

April 13      "The Threat" #3.23
              Blake humiliates a devastated Krystle in front of Alexis; Kirby is hurt when she glimpses and intimate moment between Jeff and Fallon; a drunken and demoralized Congressman McVane attacks Alexis.

April 20      "The Cabin" #3.24 (3rd SEASON FINALE)
              Someone within the "Dynasty" tapestry sets out to destroy Blake and Krystle's marriage; the life of one of the babies could be permanently changed; and two of the Carrington women become the targets of a murderer.


April 27      pre-empted by "Life's Most Embarassing Moments (celebrity goofs special with John Ritter, 10:00-11:00pm)

May 04        pre-empted by "Battle of the Network Stars" (special, 9:00-11:00pm)

May 11        pre-empted by "Love, Sex, and... Marriage?" (romantic comedy starring Marlo Thomas, 10:00-11:00pm)

May 18        pre-empted by "Travis McGee" (movie, 9:00-11:00pm)

May 25        pre-empted by "Sizzle" (movie, 9:00-11:00pm)

June 01       "La Mirage" #3.08 (R)
June 08       "Acapulco" #3.09 (R)
June 15       "The Locket" #3.10 (R)
June 22       "The Search" #3.11 (R)
June 29       "Samantha" #3.12 (R)
July 06       "Danny" #3.13 (R)

July 13       pre-empted by "Masada" (mini-series, repeat)
July 20       pre-empted by "Dr. No" (James Bond movie, repeat)

July 27       "Madness" #3.14 (R)
August 03     "The Mirror" #3.16 (R)
August 10     "Reunions in Singapore" #3.18 (R)
August 17     "Downstairs Bride" #3.20 (R)
August 24     "The Vote" #3.21 (R)
August 31     "The Dinner" #3.22 (R)
Sept. 07      "The Threat" #3.23 (R)
Sept. 14      "The Cabin" #3.24 (R)

NOTE: ABC omitted the first 7 episodes from the summer rerun schedule as well as episodes "Two Flights to Haiti" (#3.15); "Battle Lines" (#3.17); and "Fathers and Sons" (#3.19). These episodes could only be seen again a few years later in syndication.

Sept. 21      pre-empted by "Arthur Hailey's HOTEL" (2-hour Series Premiere, 9:00-11:00pm)

Sept. 28 1983 SEASON 4 begins!

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  1. Dynasty was the number 1 show that year on ABC, as well as in 1983-1984, 1984-1985 and 1985-1986! And thanks to Dynasty, Hotel was the 2nd show of the network in 1983-1984 and 1984-1985.