Thursday, April 21, 2011

DYNASTY Poll Results: What's Alexis Up To in 2011?

Again, the results of a previously closed poll that I never got around to publishing - back in December I asked you what Alexis Morrel Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan And God Knows What Other Last Name was up to these days and gave you 7 options.

Most of the blog visitors thought "Dynasty's" Queen B would be trotting around the globe with a brand new (and decades younger, of course) husband. 

After all, it's those salacious years in exile that made Alexis such an exciting and mysterious character when she re-appeared in Denver in 1981. That Joseph's scrap book must have been a fascinating read.

Also highly likely - Alexis is grooming her granddaughter Lauren Colby in the vixen department; grieving over her, perhaps one true love, Blake Carrington's death (his demise seems natural following John Forsythe's own passing); and worrying what secret filth those obnoxious WikiLeaks are going to dig out concerning the ever ethically ambiguous Colbyco.

45% Globetrotting with a younger husband No.9 
27 % Grieving over Blake's death
20% Grooming Lauren to become an ubervixen
20% Worrying about Wikileaks Colbyco revelations
14% Catfighting Krystle, Sable and Dominique
6% Enjoying retirement & painting in France
4% Getting drunk & party hopping with Caress, sis dearest in London

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