Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joan Collins' Mini-Series Coming to DVD

In addition to finally seeing season 5 of "Dynasty" on region 1 DVD this summer, the fans of Joan Collins in North America will also be able to purchase the official DVDs of the mini-series she developed and starred in for CBS in 1986.

Both "Sins" (co-starring Timothy Dalton, Lauren Hutton, Gene Kelly, James Farentino, Neil Dickson and many others) and Monte Carlo (co-starring George Hamilton) will be out on region 1 DVD (by Olive Films) June 21, 2011.

Previously, the mini-series had only been available on region 2 DVD in Europe. "Sins" had also been distributed as free-of-charge DVD inset in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper and some of those copies are still available on eBay.

"Sins" is divided into 3 feature-length episodes (total running time 330 minutes), whereas "Monte Carlo" runs 188 minutes and it is divided into 2 feature-length episodes. Both collections will however be presented on 2 discs.

They are currently available for pre-order on Amazon at a 10% discount.

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  1. I bought "Monte Carlo" DVD a few years ago but they put the movie in single D9 Disc and the quality is not quite good. Hope this time the two disc release will be better.