Monday, April 18, 2011

PIX: Joan Collins' Most Recent Red Carpet PAs

A little treat for all of you Joan Collins fans out there keeping track of the Queen of Dynasty (take that, Esther!) - a collection of her most recent public appearances, including one from only 10 days ago.

First, there's the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (February 27, 2011), you can see Joan's husband Percy in the background in one of the images.

That was not one of the most pleasant nights for Joan - as you may have heard - she had to be rushed to a hospital due to a medical emergency caused by her super-tight dress (the so-called 'Victorian swoon'). TMZ was of course there to report it.

Then, about a month later (March 28, 2011), there was the World Premiere of the infamous "Kennedys" mini-series (starring Katie Holmes) which was ditched by the History Channel and resurrected by the obscure and publicity-hungry Reelzchannel.

Joan made an appearance with her sister Jackie. The Collins sisters also appeared on the fellow Brit Piers Morgan's CNN talker earlier that month. 

Collins said something "Dynastish" was in the works then (supposedly referring to the 60s-based movie which the Shapiros announced in January - Collins had said on Twitter she met with Esther for lunch and discussed the project).

Finally, there's the most recent appearance at the John Wayne's Cancer Institute's 26th Annual Odyssey Ball (April 9, 2011), where at one point Joan was joined by Raquel Welch and Alana Stewart.

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