Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Colbys" Star Katharine Ross' Real-Life Daughter Drama

Actress Katharine Ross (Francesca on "The Colbys") recently asked courts to issue a restraining order against her daughter Cleo, who - as the court papers indicate - tried to kill her by stabbing her in arm with scissors.

Cleo (26) has allegedly had a history of verbal abuse and violent behavior since she was 13.

During a violent outburst in their family home in Malibu on March 2, 2011 Cleo threatened to kill her mother. When Katharine tried to call the police, Cleo cut the phone lines and attacked Katharine with scissors, striking her 6 times and drawing blood.

A judge then ordered Cleo to move out of the family house and stay 100 yards away from her mother.

However, when Katherine and her husband, actor Sam Elliott, failed to appear in court on March 30, the judge was forced to toss the case and dismiss the temporary restraining order.

Ross and Elliott were married in 1984, Cleo was born several months after their wedding.

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