Thursday, May 5, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.17 "All Fall Down"

And you thought last episode was dramatic? By the end of tonight's installment yet another character is headed for the hospital. And yes, the caption with the photo above is: "My God, Channig! What did you do?" 

It's been a while since I watched "The Colbys" and I am currently too busy re-watching "Dynasty" (just started season 4 a couple of days ago), so no comments from me concerning the episode, but feel free to add your thoughts below.

By the way, what's been up with YouTube? Ever since I re-started posting these episodes in April, I've had trouble uploading some of the videos. For instance, video #3 took 7 (!) attempts today. But, my patience paid off, so here they all are:

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday, January 29th, 1987 at 9:00-10:00pm EST/PDT on the ABC Television Network

TV GUIDE SYNOPSIS: Cash is in serious condition after being shot; Sable and Francesca may both become brides again

EPISODE RATINGS: 50th/51st out of 66 shows for the week of January 26-February 1st 1987 (just for comparison: the same week "Dallas" was 11th, "Dynasty" 16th, "Knots Landing" 17th, "Falcon Crest 21st and "Hotel" 30th)

READ ABOUT THE COLBYS: "Fate of 'The Colbys' still uncertain" (published February 14, 1987)


  1. Thank you for all your time uploading the colbys can`t wait till next week

  2. HI Lb,
    i adore what you do , you know that..
    but i must ask you for smth..
    Do you have all the episodes of Falcon Crest.
    It's more than likely that the series will never be released on DVD.
    Take Care

  3. loved this! Channing was a weirdo. Did they ever explain what happened to her on Dynasty when The Colbys ended?


  4. Channing is my favourite character, after Sable of course.

  5. Hey, Yvan. Yes, I actually do have "Falcon Crest." All episodes, apart from the final season.

  6. I wish it would come out on dvd, this show is awesome.

  7. Hello, LB - and thanks for putting these up! I actually taped all these from SOAPnet myself, but you know...I'd have to dig out the VHS player to watch them. :) Thanks for the memories!

    To answer the other commenter - was Channing ever mentioned on "Dynasty" after "The Colbys" - the answer is no. They didn't even mention what happened to Frankie - although we had to assume she was alive from Sable's talking about her and Jason after she showed up in Denver. They weren't always the best with continuity!