Friday, May 13, 2011

DYNASTY Pix: Little Does Krystle Know

Today's DYNASTY promo still comes from the season 6 finale episode "The Vendetta" in which Alexis sends Blake and Krystle packing.

Prior to the exciting swimming pool catfight / hotel fire / top of the stairs strangulation trifecta, the soap's principal ladies got into one of their legendary powder room tongue fights.

Little does the lady of the Carrington manor know she'll soon be homeless (which in "Dynasty" universe means spending a night at a luxury hotel, of course).

I thought "The Vendetta" was a very entertaining, dynamic and effective ender of a rather troublesome season (albeit the final seconds deserved a little better editing). 


  1. I think the season 6 finale was one of the best of Dynasty season finales. The tension is permanente, several campy tongue fights (especially between Dominique and Alexis), TWO actual fights (one dogfight and one catfight), and one of the best cliffhangers. The season 5 finale was actually boring, except for the last ten minutes, but this one is just electryfing just as the season 9 and series finale.

  2. "Take this junk.... and your blonde tramp".... sheer art!!!!