Saturday, May 28, 2011

VIDEO: Joan Collins on Paul O'Grady Live (2011)

The feud is still on. Would Joan Collins bring the play "Legends" to the UK? "Not with Linda Evans!" said Dynasty diva on Paul O'Grady's ITV chat show last night.

Of course, "Legends" is not a very good play, so I don't think anyone would actually consider bringing it, period, but the remark echoes the one Linda made about Joan a couple of years ago ("I survived 9 years with Joan Collins, so I can survive this"), so if "Dynasty" even returns don't count on those two sharing any screen time again. 

Also last night, Joan spoke of her plans to bring her "One Woman Show" she did last November in New York to London in the summer, and then take it to Australia in November.

Collins also mentioned her upcoming book #13 "The World According to Joan," an update of her autobiography and reflection on the world today.

When it comes to UK chat show hosts, I personally prefer Graham Norton to Paul O'Grady, so I hope Collins makes an appearance on his show, too, whenever she needs to promote one of her projects.

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