Sunday, May 15, 2011

DYNASTY Poll Results: The Most Bizarre Storyline

I recently asked you what the most bizarre storyline in Dynasty's 9-season run was (and there have sure been quite a few of those). Well, not surprisingly, Fallon's extraterrestrial adventures took the top honors.

Earlier today, I posted the above video of the actual scene with comments from Richard Shapiro (the man who came up with that mess), Gordon Thomson (who gave us a humorous insight into what happened behind the scenes) and of course Emma Samms (whose character got abducted) dubbed in.

Since this was such an obvious winner, I'll note that your other top choices included Krystle being replaced by a crass double and Matthew Blaisdell's gun-toting return. All courtesy of those wicked post-Moldavian years.

I have to admit I actually thought the Rita storyline was a lot of fun (her facial expressions of anger and frustration - especially after meeting L.B. - were hilarious). Also, I found the "Jeff ODs on paint" storyline very entertaining. Here are the results of the poll:

Fallon is abducted by aliens             71%
Krystle is replaced by a double          12%
Matthew Blaisdell returns                11%
Jeff overdoses on paint                   5%
Kirby falls in love with her rapist       5%
Cast gunned down in Moldavia              5%
Adam learns he is not Adam                3%



  1. Yes defo Fallon and the aliens was top , my second choice would have been Adam not being Adam after all. That was confusing and maybe my third would have been Kirby/Adam falling in love though it turned out for the best. The other storylines were all ok for me though I always thought they could have made more of Matthew's return.Kind of an anti-climax.

  2. Adam learns he is not Adam stroyline came too late and was too confusing and insulting in the end! I AM Adam Carrington, I am NOT AC, I AM AC
    and so on got boring but the very last twist was the fact that he ineed was Adam Carrington and he never borthered to mentioned that to anyone after all those weeks of throwing that he is not BLake and ALexis' son, esp after they adopted him! Pfff Season 8!