Friday, May 13, 2011

VIDEO: My Favorite 'DYNASTY' Scenes: "You're Trash, Blake!"

This scene takes place in early season 4, when Blake finally tells Alexis she is banned from coming to the mansion.

When Alexis invaded the art studio back in season 2, she loved to pop into the mansion to make Krystle's life miserable.

Having become the queen of Denver, she moves away, but continues to haunt the Carringtons, now under pretense of visiting her grandchildren.

Blake, who'd have inconceivable trouble telling his ex-wife to stay away, finally boils over and tells her she is no longer welcome.

In addition to this scene being shot on location at Arden Villa (and that always adds to the magic of the show), I love how the conflict escalates between Alexis and Blake here. 

And Joan Collins looking really great in this scene doesn't hurt either.

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