Friday, May 13, 2011

DYNASTY Articles: "There's A Bit of Me in Sammy Jo" (People, 1983)

Following her initial 13-episode stint in season 2, and prior to becoming series regular in season 6, Heather Locklear made several notable guest appearances on "Dynasty," the first of which was in early 1983 when "People Magazine" published this article about the actress.

As soon as Heather was done with season 2, Aaron Spelling cast her in his William Shatner-fronted cop series "T.J. Hooker." The producers of "Dynasty" however immediately knew they'd want her back on the show on a recurring basis (I remember reading about her running between the sets at the time).

Sammy Jo certainly always managed to spark up the storylines whenever she popped back into Denver and it was always fun to also keep track of her sleazy shenanigans, be it in Hollywood, New York or Morgan Hess' cockroach infested digs in the poorville suburbs Denver.

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