Saturday, May 14, 2011

How John James Returned to DYNASTY After THE COLBYS Got Axed by ABC

It would seem like a no-brainer decision. But, John James said he actually had to think whether he wanted to return to "Dynasty" after his failed spin-off got the boot.

By season 8 "Dynasty" was no longer TV's hottest show, in fact after all the kings, queens, doppelgangers, and UFOs one may have had to think twice if 7 years wasn't enough.

But there were two more years left in Dynasty - that's 44 paychecks and many actors in Hollywood just can't (and shouldn't) say no to regular work.

As John James explained in October 1987:

According to a later interview, among the things he'd had to do during his final 2 years on the show, was veto a planned storyline that would have had his character have an affair with his sister Monica (who suddenly and conveniently wasn't his sister). 

Oh, well... I'm sure JJ's stock broker (whom we've heard a lot about) agreed it was worth it.


  1. Acting is a job. "Just" a job, whether you're in a hit or not... I DO understand his choice. A regular work is a gift from Angels.

  2. A week to think about it? Please, I'll bet he jumped like a little girl when they asked to return.