Saturday, May 28, 2011

THE COLBYS #2.20 "Answered Prayers"

This is one of my favorite episodes of "The Colbys." Not only does "Hoyt Parker" finally reveal himself to the family, but it gives Stephanie Beacham a lot of great material to work with. And seeing Miles in his polo outfit back on a horse, doesn't hurt either.

Again, apologies for a two-day delay (due to my heavy working schedule this week), the next episode should be posted as usual on Thursday night next week. That means we now have only 5 episodes left, and you'll be able to see them by the end of June.

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday, February 26, 1987 at 9:00-10:00pm on ABC (the previous episode aired two weeks before, the show was pre-empted on Thursday, February 19 for "Amerika" mini-series)

TV GUIDE SYNOPSIS: Jason and Francesca's wedding is interrupted by shocking news that will affect their lives; Monica tries to talk Sable out of marrying Zach

EPISODE RANKING: 52nd out of 65 shows


  1. This is a GREAT episode!

  2. wow this episode is the best by far! (at least so far, here's hoping that the remaining episodes are as good)