Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hot Pix & Sexy Video Re-Upload: MAXWELL CAULFIELD

I felt like putting a little eye candy on this blog of mine tonight, so who gets to be the object of my attention? Why, that dreamy Colbys' polo champ Miles, that is Mr. Maxwell Caulfield, in his Grease 2 days, of course.

Two years ago I put together a little video mix of Maxwell's scenes on 'The Colbys' which went on to become one of his most popular videos on YouTube, but they had me swap the original music track I used (Marvin Gaye's "Through the Grapevine").

It now occurred to me to try to re-upload the video and I was finally allowed to do it. The video may still be blocked in certain countries, but most of you should be able to play it. And we can leave "The Moonlight Sonata" to Kirby.



  1. Damn!
    I never really thought he was attractive on The Colbys because his carachter was such a douche, but WOW he is hot in these pics.

  2. oh good grief. such a crush...